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Pair of round silicone pads to clip

€2.70 -10%
Price from €1.62

Pair of pads to clip and pinch silicone on sunglasses or sight.

This is a plate whose clip is round (see photo)

When removing the old damaged plate, be careful not to pull on the arm of the plate so as not to break it

Materials: Silicone

Fixing: clips

Paire de plaquettes à certir dorées sur lunettes pour Rayban
  • Online only

Pair of golden plates to crimp for glasses Rayban


Pair of golden pads Pair of crimping pads for sunglasses or Rayban brand.

Specific binding pads for all models of Ray ban brand.

This is a plate with two metal tabs to fold over the door plate of your mount.

Perfectly compatible with all Raybansertir glasses for Rayban glasses

Pair of nosepads to clip in silicone anallergies

€2.60 -10%
Price from €1.56

Pair of thin silicone nose pads to clip on sunglasses or prescription glasses.

In hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic silicone. Adapts to the shape of the nose wings.

Fixing: Rectangular clips

Material: Silicone

2 black silicone tips for glasses


Excellent quality and exceptional comfort for your ears.

Round ends that slip on the end of the branches of your glasses.

Silicone silicone and coating that allows the glasses not to slip.

To simply put on the branch. For any question of assembly do not hesitate to consult our opticians, or our tutorial: how to change sleeves

Pair of silver metal nose pads to screw-on

€2.75 -10%
Price from €2.20

Pair of screw-on nose pads. The center is made of metal, for greater solidity. Covered in plastic for best skin comfort.

Pads with more rigid support. Generally used for prescription glasses with a strong to moderate correction.

Screwdriver 3 functions for glasses - Keychain

€11.71 €5.71

Screwdriver with flat and cruciform blades as well as a wrench for nuts to carry in keychain. Ideal for the road

The key holder can be unscrewed in two places, thus freeing 2 different screwdrivers, with grip for more comfort, resistant blades, and dimensions adapted to work on glasses: branches, plates, etc ...

Flat head screwdriver: 1.7mm

Phillips screwdriver: 1.7mm

It also allows to tighten the nuts of frames such as the drilled glasses (without contour) with the help of its two serves nuts

Screw nut: 2.6mm

Pair of anti-allergic silicone screw-on nose pads

€3.80 -10%
Price from €2.28

Pair of anallergic silicone pads to aim on sunglasses or sight.

Profiled inserts. This is special pads. Each corresponds to one side of the nose.

Better comfort thanks to its shape as well as its material used in the medical field.

Materials: silicone

Fastening: with screws (screws not included)

8x Foam Adhesive Pads for Nose XL


Sticky pads to stick on glasses to protect your nose.

Quality of optician. Excellent comfort. Perfect fit on time.

Avoids irritation and marks on the skin.

XL size. A set of 8 pads.