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Paire de plaquettes rectangulaires Silicone à clipser sur lunettes marque / créateur

5,85 €

  • Pagamento sicuro Pagamento sicuro
  • Consegna con tracciamento e assicurazione Consegna con tracciamento e assicurazione
  • Politica di resi soddisfatti o rimborsati Politica di resi soddisfatti o rimborsati

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Pair of round silicone pads to clip

€2.70 -10% €2.43

Pair of pads to clip and pinch silicone on sunglasses or sight.

This is a plate whose clip is round (see photo)

When removing the old damaged plate, be careful not to pull on the arm of the plate so as not to break it

Materials: Silicone

Fixing: clips

Pair of silver metal nose pads to screw-on

€2.75 -10% €2.48

Pair of screw-on nose pads. The center is made of metal, for greater solidity. Covered in plastic for best skin comfort.

Pads with more rigid support. Generally used for prescription glasses with a strong to moderate correction.

Pair of anti-allergic silicone screw-on nose pads

€3.80 -10% €3.42

Pair of anallergic silicone pads to aim on sunglasses or sight.

Profiled inserts. This is special pads. Each corresponds to one side of the nose.

Better comfort thanks to its shape as well as its material used in the medical field.

Materials: silicone

Fastening: with screws (screws not included)